Using Clippers

You will need clippers to shave the face, feet and tail area. Also using the clipper comb attachments saves a lot of time by eliminating much of the scissoring on the main body and legs.

I like the Wahl Bravura best. It comes with a rechargeable battery & charging stand. It can also be used corded if you deplete the battery. It takes a blade that adjusts from 9-40. This eliminates having a lot of different blades and also the blade doesn't get hot while you are working.
I use the Wahl clipper combs that come in a set of different lengths. They simply snap onto the clipper blade.

A good pet grooming video will be very valuable in learning how to use these tools. The techniques you will learn will make you and your poodle puppy very happy and your poodle puppy will be proud of the results.

When you are shaving face, feet and tail area, set the blade on 15 (the second notch from the left). This will ensure that your puppy doesn't get clipper burn. As you get more experience, you may want to use the 20 setting on the feet and belly. It's just something you will experiment with and see how your puppy's skin handles it. The farther you move the setting to the left, the closer the shave.

When using comb attachments you set the blade on 30 which is the second notch from the right.

Watch the videos below. The first video demonstrates the wahl bravura clipper. The second video shows you how to do the lamb trim.