That's what my manly man husband Rick said when I said I wanted a standard poodle.
Rick is a retired coach (35 years) and he wanted a big manly dog, maybe a golden retreiver or german shepherd. I talked him into going to see a litter (just as part of our education process before picking a new family member) and he reluctantly agreed. The litter was gorgeous, of course but he didn't give in for a few days. It took a few days of serious pouting on my part and he agreed, with some misgivings. It didn't take long for him to realize that we had found what was probably the most perfect dog in the world!!

We named our puppy Max and it wasn't long before he was playing outfield at our baseball games in the backyard. He would actually bring the ball back to the pitcher!!
He loved to get in the swimming pool with us and our grandkids and go out on the boat.
On top of all of that he didn't shed and didn't have that doggy smell even the cleanest dog always seems to have. Just watching his movements was extremely entertaining.
Needless to say, Max became Rick's dog and went with him everywhere. Now, years later, Max has to share the attention with Hannah and Bella and Rio. The girls are without a doubt Daddy's girls and I'm still trying to win Rio as mine.

Now if you ask my manly man husband what kind of dog you should get, there will be only one resounding answer! He realizes that there is no more perfect dog than the standard poodle. Of course, that's just our opinion, but that's our story and we're sticking with it!

I don't want one of those sissy dogs!

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