Don't Chew That Cord

Before you pick up your puppy it's a good idea to puppy proof your house and decide where he will be allowed to go in the house. You will want him to be where you spend most of your time so that you can watch him for potty signs and also teach him what he can and can't do. You will use these methods to potty train your puppy also. You can utilize baby gates to block off rooms if you don't want to close doors completely. You will probably want to be sure there are a limited number of "no's" around. In other words if you have potted plants on the floor, cords draping here and there within puppy reach, shoes laying about, books on the floor---well you get my point! You don't want to have to spend the first days scolding and saying "no" constantly so my advice is have some no items around but also have plenty of "yes" items such as chew bones, toys etc. When your little one starts to chew the t.v. extension cord make a loud "ehhh" noise to get his attention and when he moves away from it praise him "good boy" and give him a "yes" item. By puppy proofing your house this way you introduce the "no"s gradually and you will be able to potty train him quicker. Life will be a lot more pleasant for the whole family. Speaking of family, you probably won't want to let the puppy run free in the kids rooms unless you have puppy proofed them completely. There are other rooms in the house that may be dangerous and should be off limits without close supervision such as the garage, utility room etc. These places are notorious for having things laying about on the floor that could poison a puppy.

If you are home and doing chores, one way to keep an eye on the puppy and lead train him at the same time is to put a 6ft. lead on him and loop it through your belt or around your waist and that way he goes where you go and you can train your puppy and get things done at the same time.