We love our poodle family!  Currently we have 4 generations living with us. 

Great grandmother Eden's Hollywood Hannah (Hannah) was born in 2003 and is still bouncing around the yard like a puppy! She does, however rule with an iron paw! All the dogs know she's the top dog and she sure can get those puppies in line real fast!

Then there is the Grandmother Acappela Lovesong CGC (Bella) who is just a sweetheart.  She loves to smile at us (a big toothy smile) and let us know when she is happy!

Acappela "So Fine" (Pearl) is just as her name says!  She's petite and beautiful and is very gentle with her puppies even when they are not so gentle with her.

UKC Ch. Acappela Alleluia Girl (Allie) is as smart as they come and is usually one step ahead of me.  She runs like the wind and is always in the lead of the pack.

And last, but not least,is Acappela Dancin' on Air (Roxie) is our beautiful jet black girl and the trouble maker (baby) of the family..  She gives Great Grandma Hannah a challenge.