Our Breeding Program

Years of planning and preparation have gone into our breeding program and we are constantly striving to improve. Careful research goes into the selection of our breeding stock and health, temperament,intelligence and structure are of the utmost importance to us. We screen for VWD, SA, Cerf (eyes), DM and OFA or PennHip screening for hips, thyroid function and NE(neonatal encephalopathy). In short, we are committed to producing healthy dogs with wonderful temperaments and beautiful conformation. We breed to produce outstanding dogs that will perform well in the show ring or be a great addition to any family as a loving pet.
Our Moms are always on a good diet and in the weeks before breeding, weight and condition are evaluated to see if more calories and/or supplements should be added to the mother's diet during gestation and after whelping.
Once the puppies are born, they are watched over very carefully for the first three weeks and the dam is assisted in any way needed to meet all the needs of the puppies. We start socializing them immediately by holding them on our laps, stroking their bellies, handling their feet and massaging their gums so that they will become accustomed to being handled from an early age. Also they are exposed to all the noises of a busy household so that they are not timid or easily frightened.
When they are walking, at about 4 weeks we take them outside so they can get plenty of exercise and develop their muscles. From this time Mom will start to teach them their manners, how to behave properly and how to go outside to potty.
Puppies receive their first grooming at about 4 weeks and are groomed weekly after that. At this time they begin weaning.
Call me to reserve your puppy and tell me about you and your family and what you hope to do with your dog. I will be able to help you pick a puppy that will be the best suited for your family by observing them for the first eight to twelve weeks.