Notes From Puppy Homes

Hi Linda:
Hope all is well with you. And thank you again for my beautiful baby(or monster teeth). We had a vet visit yesterday and at 13 weeks he is 17.5" tall and weighs 19 lbs. We start puppy school on the 20th and he is so ready. The cats are getting back to normal after a few weird cat weeks and Cole just wants to catch their tails. Take care and I'll keep you updated on his progress.

Hi Linda,
Hope this finds you, your family and dogs well. Want to let you know Cole is developing just lovely. At 7 months he is 38 lbs and 24" tall. I'm just loving him.
Thanks again for my beautiful boy!

Hi Linda:
Just wanted to send you a little update on my boy. We all decided to change his name, he just was not a "Tux", he is a Freddy! We all love him so much it is ridiculous...He went for his first vet visit 8 days ago, got is shots and weighed 11.4 lbs. I took him back today just for a little thing, and he weighed 14.6!! He is such a good puppy..He just adjusts to any/everything,rides in the car, walks with me in the backyard on a leash..He and our other dog Lilly adore each other..He chews on her constantly and she takes it in stride,they are always side by side. I'm not just saying this because he is mine, but..he is the cutest little teddy bear of a dog! He is so smart, and amazes me with his ability to figure things out. I have hung a bell on the door leading to the backyard, and he will hit it about 1/2 of the time to go outside! Gets into his crate, and has not once cried to get out if I have to leave him..I just had to tell you how we all love him so dearly, he chews on Charlie's wheelchair tires, and gets in the bed with him every morning to wake him up..He is Mama's boy though, and I intend to keep it that way..We could not love him more..I'm so glad we found you! hope that the other pups have wonderful homes..Warmest regards...Julie

Linda--It's been almost 6 weeks sice we picked Jolly up, and today she went back to the vet for her next shot so I thought that I'd update you on her.
She got a good health report. She is a wonderful little dog and is an absolute delight. I say "little" and she still is, but she's growing like a weed. When we first took her to the vet the day after we got her she weighed 6 lbs. When she next went she was up to almost 10 lbs. Today she was a little over 14 lb. She started school last Thursday. While the other dogs were struggling with arithmetic, Jolly was doing algebra. Next week she may be ready for calculus. Today the vet put her down and told her to sit and Jolly did and got a cookie. The vet was impressed. I saw on your website that you have puppies due October 25th. Do you think that there are still any availale? I guess that it's too soon to think about another one, but....
Hope all is well and that this litter goes well.

Hi Linda,

Successes: School: Dogwood Academy
Gracie is the star of her class!!---no surprise there!
She completed her basic pet manners class-- easily.
Currently, we are taking the first CGC (canine good citizen.) The exam is in a few weeks
General adjustment to new home/ friends: She seems very happy!
Housebreaking was a breeze. Her crate is available –mostly it stores her toys (keeps her friends from de-squeaking them)
She sleeps in our bedroom and wakes us in the am by licking our toes – very sweet / gentle – and effective!
She is much, much better on car rides now. Comfortably sleeping in the back seat
Successes: Loves, loves, loves her two best friends: play dates w each of them 1-2 times per day.
Challenge: Focus issue: She loves her playmates so much; she’s not inclined to come when called!
Possible solution: I think her attention will turn to me—naturally--with time-- and in the natural course of classes/ activities together.
For her safety-- off lead and work in the office, I will ultimately need her focus on me –not distractions --even other animal
She is coming into the office -often:
Successes: She is very gentle and sweet greeting people. No surprise of course
Challenges: behavior issue: excessive licking
Possible solution: We are gently working “Leave it” using positive reinforcement style training.
This might have been more information than you were looking for.
Gracie is a wonderful, sweet, smart girl ---as you know. We enjoy her gentle spirit.
With warm regards, Deborah

Well, it’s been almost a year now, and my baby girl has grown up. Emma is everything I had hoped a standard poodle would be and more. She is just over 40 pounds, and as pretty as a picture. She is calm and loving, and behaves nicely. I rarely have to get onto her. And when I do, she snaps to with just the slightest correction. She plays all day with Mom’s rat terrier ( We call her the rat terrorist) puppy, who is also a yr. old now. She does love getting muddy still, and so has her feet washed on a rather continual basis. But she hops into the tub willingly most times. I have gotten better at grooming her, but still take her to the pros every now and then to keep the lines established nicely. I’m not too bad, actually. And of course, she behaves very well on the grooming table (top of her crate). She is very healthy and energetic. She does want to kill my chickens, but we manage to keep them separated. She enjoys the eggs for breakfast. I got her spayed at 6 months of age, and that went just fine. She stays with me, going from room to room. One of her favorite hang outs is on my bed. And I’m okay with that. She has her head on my feet right now under the computer table. She is super with other dogs. I have 3 other grand dogs who visit. She adds a level of class to our local Lowes. We go to either Lowes or Home Depot every Sat. it seems, and we love to take the girls with us to socialize them. She begins obedience classes next week. My only trouble with her is that she gets car sick. I hope she will grow out of that. It makes me not want to take her. I have to make sure I have plenty of towels when I am going to take her in the car. She is such a wonderful addition to our family, and I wanted to just give you an update on how one of your babies was doing. Thank you for producing such quality animals. Let me know if you ever decide to hang up your breeder business, as I may want to get another dog before you go out of business. We have 3 dogs right now, but in the future…
Toni Abernathy

I just wanted to tell you how much we love our little Magic. He has completed obedience 1 and 2 and we start a rally class next week.
He is the most loveable, elegant guy who loves all other dogs and riding in the car. His constant companion is Rio our 5 month old german shepherd. Rio mimics Magic so he is constantly standing on his hind feet and running on air.
Magic is around 50 lbs. now.
Susie Catalano

Good Morning Linda - From Bentley, Nigel, Georgia and myself, we wish your family and you a very safe, merry Christmas and may 2014 be a healthy, joyous year for you. The boys, also referred to as The Monster Squad at times, are doing great. They have each completed their second private obedience lessons and are , as you would expect, very smart. They lead quite well, sit, sit and stay for door, sit and stay to greet and come on command ( our word is right now) really well. And I must admit are spoiled rotten. They are really attached to each other. We try to separate them at times to give them one on one. They are both very loving little boys without a mean bone in their body. You did a wonderful job. Thank goodness they travel well. They spent 5 days in Oklahoma in the motorcoach with us and traveled by car to LA at Thanksgiving to spend time with our daughter. We take them with us almost daily in the car locally. They leave with us tomorrow for our home in Colorado. We are anxious to see them in the snow. We will be in Colorado until the first of February. Then, they leave with us in the motorcoach for California on Feb. 21st and we will be traveling until middle April. We then leave for Hilton Head on May 10th for two or three weeks. Hopefully, we can work out for you to see them sometime before returning home from that trip. Last week on their last vet visit, Nigel weighted 26 pounds and Bentley 23 1/2 pounds. Nigel is usually the first to try something like getting on the couch and chairs, which is fine with us. But, we have learned to not be taken in by Bentleys innocence. The attached picture was taken this past Monday after they came home from the groomer. They are beautiful boys, aren't they. Just a quick update on the boys and again, Happy Holidays.
Georgia and Don

Hi Linda,

Hope you are well. All is going well here with Tinker. He's growing so fast! We're all having a lot of fun and learning a lot together :) Sorry we've been delinquent in sending you some photos. The first photos were taken last week and the last photo was taken shortly after we got him from you. All the best - Terry, Aimee & Madison

Good Morning Linda,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that Michelle is such a wonderful puppy! She did so well on the ride home, just one little bit of car sickness (she even gave plenty of warning so we were able to have her use a separate towel and she did not get any on herself or Robert!). She loves the fenced back yard and the got used to the house in no time! So far, no "accidents" and she is just a joy to have in our lives.
I'm sure that I will have some questions for you in the near future, but for now, I just wanted to let you know that she is doing great in her new home.
Best Regards,
David and Robert

Good Morning Linda,
I can't believe how much time has past and how much Michelle has grown! She is a very happy dog and of course brings so much joy to our lives. I hope that your little girl is doing well too!
Michelle is now very used to the routine of the household and when Robert and I are not working from home, my mother is able to come and puppy sit. Starting this week we have also been taking her to doggie daycare one day a week at a great place called Dogma. She had a blast, and it was a great way to socialize her around other dogs of the same size and temperament. Now that she has had all her vaccinations, we are happy that we can take her out in more public settings.
She loves playing in the back yard, but now we can go on walks in the neighborhood and to be around other dogs that we know are vaccinated at Dogma.
Hope you like the pictures attached!
All the best,
David and Robert

Dear Linda,
My baby Enzo is now just over 21 weeks and weighs about 30 pounds--and he's just gorgeous--healthy, happy, and curious. People stop on the street to admire him every time we walk. Every morning (and several more times a day) he gets hugs and kisses in my lap and is very sweet and loving. He's so smart and confident--learned to shake in 3 tries and now can find many of his toys by name plus the usual come-sit-stay commands. We will start him on puppy school soon, but he already has play dates with several friends regularly and is hilarious with his prancing, especially when the other dog is rough and tumble and Enzo stand on his hind legs and waves his hands in the air. We are still working on that puppy jumping-nipping-biting-ripping behavior and will have a dog therapist over this week to help us be more effective and alpha in that situation. Otherwise Enzo is so much fun, so funny to watch, and my little shadow. It's hard to correct him and keep a straight face as he grows and explores everything, usually with his mouth. He had a wonderful Christmas holiday with greeting guests and opening his presents. I guess it's a guy thing, but he is very partial to girls and women and has several love affairs going on with my friends. Enzo walks very politely in the neighborhood and I am beginning to teach him to walk in parks with lots of people, dogs, and distractions around; it's a challenge but we will learn. He wants to greet, play with, and love every person and dog he meets. You did a wonderful job of breeding to get Enzo as the result. We couldn't love him more.
Warm regards and Happy 2014.

Just look at my beautiful baby, Linda. Usually his tail is straight up, but it's hot and we are just back from a long walk.
As you predicted, Enzo became a little gentleman when he got his big boy teeth. He is still a puppy and jumps, humps, and nips once in a while, but I only have to show him the squirt bottle (water plus a little bitter apple to his mouth if I have to) and he calms down. He walks properly on leash and is learning not to jump on visitors. He is the mayor of the dog park, where he stands out head and shoulders over all the other dogs. He loves chasing and playing and is never aggressive. I think he is well socialized with canine and people friends. When we arrive, I hear people whispering, " Oh look! There's Enzo! Watch how graceful he is when he runs and jumps!". He really is so beautiful. When I am walking him, sometimes cars stop to admire him. He knows his sit, stay, and down commands and I am thinking about what else I can teach him to keep his smart little mind challenged. Best of all, he is so sweet and loving. He sits in my lap several times a day for loving and usually falls asleep.
John loves Enzo as much as I do. Usually he is the one who takes him to the dog park (where he is a chick magnet!) and lately has taken him onto the sailboat. Enzo was terrified of the dock at first but now trots down with us off leash and hops right on. He has admirers there too.
We traveled with him once and he was perfect in the hotel. What a smart boy! I am hoping to find someone who can live in the house with him when we want to travel abroad, but we will take him with us in the US.
Just wanted you to know all is well and Enzo is a happy baby whom we love more than I can say. Hope sister Allie gives you as much joy.
Warm regards,