In February of 2010, our beautiful Bella announced that she wanted to go to college. We always knew Bella was smart, but we never expected that she would go to Yale!!!
Anyway, you can't hold a good dog down, so we loaded up and headed to New Haven, Connecticut and the beautiful campus of Yale.

Bella really loved the campus and was amazed at all the squirrels running around.  She enjoyed all the sights, smells and people!

Acappela Lovesong CGC

Bella was very popular on campus and while being interviewed by Omega Woof Woof Sorority she was spotted by a handsome stud on campus!

CH. Lauris Tivin Incantation (Christian)

They were formally introduced and it was love at first sight.  Christian was so impressed with Bella's beauty and intelligence and Bella was swept off her feet with Christian's flirting..!

A few months later, Bella surprised us with a beautiful litter of little Yalies! (In this case sending my girl to college and her returning home preg.nant wasn't a bad thing)

Now we will always have a reminder with us of when Bella went to college! We named our girl Acappela "So Fine" (Pearl) and she looks just like her famous sire!

Ch. Lauris Tivin Incantation (Christian)

Acappela "So Fine" (Pearl)