We Are located in Young Harris, Georgia (N.W. Georgia) right on the N.C. border on 3 1/2 beautiful acres. Our love story with standard poodles began in 1999. Since our first puppy came home with us, we have been involved in training standard poodles in obedience,therapy work,conformation showing and breeding.

The standard poodle is like no other dog you have owned. They are versatile in that they do well in obedience, agility,  flyball ,therapy and are even trained for tracking, scent discrimination and service dogs to the blind and handicapped. They will adjust to your lifestyle and be as active or inactive as you are. They make the best snugglers and best jogging companions. They do not shed, as other dogs do, and are safe for people with allergies.

On the other hand, standard poodles need their people. They need to live in the house with you and be a part of the family. You will not have a good experience if you get one and put it in the backyard to live. If no one is home for 10 or 12 hours everyday, then the standard poodle is not for you. They also have fairly high coat maintenance. They need to be brushed or combed regularly and trimmed about every 4-6 weeks. You can learn to do this yourself or take them to a professional. Grooming your poodle and keeping it looking good is very important and you will be delighted to have such a beautiful creature in your home.

Our puppies are good with kids and actually become one of your children.

The sires and dams are health tested and the puppies come with a health guarantee.